Rjúkandi is one of the few major waterfalls on the north side of Iceland which can be seen directly from the Ring Road. The falls descend the steep valley of Jökuldalur carved by the Jökulsá a Brú river.

The stream which the falls occur along, the Ysta-Rjúkandi, is one of three streams bearing the name of Rjúkandi in the immediate area.
To the southwest of the falls one can see the Fremsta-Rjúkandi forming its own waterfall as it stairsteps down the valley, though in a considerably less impressive fashion. In between the two streams is the Mið-Rjúkandi, which has a considerably smaller drainage basin and was only a wet stain on the cliffs when we passed. Additionally a multitude of other waterfalls can be seen in Jökuldalur between this location and the village of Egilsstaðir.