Frequently asked questions about Egilsstadir area

What to see and do when I am in Egilsstadir?

There are plenty of amazing activities around Egilsstadir you can do. We highly recommend you to visit: Hengifoss waterfall, Fardagafoss waterfall, Studlagil canyon, Hallormstadaskogur, Seyðisfjörður town, Puffins in Borgarfjordur Eystri (from late April to August) 

For more ideas what to see and do in Egilsstadir check the link to our blog about the best 11 things you can do when you are staying in Egilsstadir.

11 Top things to see around Egilsstadir

Is there any good restaurant in Egilsstadir?
Are there any good hotels or guesthouses in the town?
We have a lot of good hotels and guesthouses in Egilsstadir. If you are looking for 3-4 star hotels, we would recommend to book at Icelandair hotel Herad, hotel Lake Egilsstadir (which also has a great spa) or hotel Valaskjálf.
We also have some very nice guesthouses in the town. Lyngas or Vinland guesthouses are the ones closest to the center of the town.
For more information about the accomodation please check our website
Are there any campsites in Egilsstadir?
We have 2 campsites in Egilsstadir:
Camp Egilsstadir is well situated in Egilsstaðir‘ town and is open 24/7, all year around. You can book and pay online:
Skipalækur is a campground on the the other side of the Lake from Egilsstaðir and is open from May-September
Is there a laundromat in Egilsstadir?

Yes, at Camp Egilsstadir inside the main building, which is open 24/7 all year round, there are washing machines and dryers available. You will need 8 x 100 coins for it but you will find detergent on the spot included in the price.

Facilities –

Is there a bicycle rental service in Egilsstaðir?

There are bikes for rent at Camp Egilsstaðir in the Center of Egilsstaðir. Please be aware the bikes are touring bikes for easy rides in the country side and not for more advanced mountain bike trips.

Are there any grocery stores in Egilsstadir?
Yes, we have two supermarkets (Nettó and Bónus) which are easily found in the center of the town. The opening hours you can find on and
If you would like to buy some local products dont hesitate to visit Hus Handanna in the center of the town
Are there any good hiking trails around the town?

There are plenty of hiking trails around the town. Most of them are best accessible during the summer. We could recommend to hike to for instance Hengifoss waterfall, Fardagafoss, Studlagil canyon, Storud, Stapavik or Strutsfoss. For more information about the most beautiful hikig trails please visit our website. 

Can I ski close to Egilsstadir?

Stafdalur ski area on Fjardarheidi heath is only 17 km away from Egilsstaðir and it offers plenty of variety for skiers and has a 1.000 m ski lift as well as a lift for children. The skiing area is open when weather and snow conditions allow. It offers ski,- and snowboard rental. Heim (
About 50km from Egilsstadir, in the mountains above the town of Eskifjorður a larger ski-area can enjoyed. Oddskarðurhas an elevation of 327m with 3 ski-lifts that take you to 9km of ski-pistes. It offers ski,- and snowboard rental. Oddsskard-Ski-Resort 
Not sure you if you want or can alpine-ski or afraid of heights? There are many cross-country ski tracks in the area. For instance Selskogar, Fjardarheidi and Stafdalur. You can rent cross-country ski’s at the Lake Hotel in Egilsstaðir and in Stafdalur ski resort. Egilsstaðasporið | Facebook


Is there an airport close to Egilsstadir?

Yes, we have an airport in Egilsstadir. Egilsstaðir Airport is a single-runway international airport about 1km from the town. The main carrier is Icelandair which offers direct flights to and from Reykjavík. Flighttime is about 50 minutes from Reykjavík to Egilsstaðir. The airport has several car rental agencies available such as Europcar, Avis and Hertz.

Egilsstaðir Airport (

Can I see Northern Lights in Egilsstadir?
Northern Lights are visible for about eight months a year, from early September to the middle of April. In any of these months, you are likely to see some aurora activity—it just depends on your luck, the weather, and solar activity.

The best locations to see the Northern Lights are the places just outside the city.


What is the best season to visit Egilsstadir?
It depends on what you would like to do. Midnight sun and the warmest temperatures in Iceland make summer a great season to visit Egilsstadir. Whereas from October until March typically are the best months for experiencing the Northern Lights, white winters and soaking in hot springs.
Is there any hot springs around?

Yes. Vök Baths is a new destination opened in summer 2019 by lake Urriðavatn, just northwest from Egilsstaðir, in Eastern Iceland. It features the first and only floating pools in Iceland.
Located in Eastern Iceland, which is still one of the most untouched places on the island, Vök Baths offers a new bathing experience. It is the perfect stop for travellers to rest and rejuvenate by the crystal clear waters of Urriðavatn lake along their journeys.
Other natural hot springs, which are only open and accessible during summertime are Laugarfell along road 901 into the highlands and the hot waterfall at Laugarvalladalur in the highlands. There is also a small manmade hot tub at the Wilderness Center.

Vök Baths – Vök Baths (

Hot springs | Laugarfell

HOT SPRING SPA | Wilderness Center

Where can I get medical help?

Primary and emergency medical services are located in Egilsstaðir.
Monday – Friday
Opening hours: 8 am – 4 pm.
Phone: +354 470 3000.
Outside opening hours call +354 1700 for doctor on call.
Emergency numer 112. In case of accidents and emergency.

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Where can I get more information about additional services in Egilsstadir?
For more informations about additional services like car rental, hairdressers, pharmacy, banks etc please check our website