Breiðdalsheiði (Breiðdalur-heath) lies between the valleys Skriðdalur and Breiðdalur. The main road has been there for ages and rare traces of road construction from the 19th century are still visible. There are practically undamaged stowages built in the year 1870 which was a part of a road that was constructed for pack horses and horseback riders. Cairns were also constructed to guide travelers over the heath in bad weather and poor visiblitiy. This old road was in use for 90 years, over the last 20 years it was also used by cars. The stowages are an exhibit of ancient handicraft and road construction that was made with handtools only. This part of the old road is approximately 3 km long. It is a good option for a comfortable walk which is both educational and shows an example of transportation mode of previous centuries.