Móðir Jörð 

Móðir Jörð  specializes in growing grain, organic barley in particular. Barley has played a part in Icelandic culinary history ever since Iceland’s settlement in the 9th century.  For a few centuries it was forgotten but it has recently started to make its way into Icelandic contemporary cuisine. Móðir Jörð – Vallanes  is known for its pioneering role in Iceland in re-introducing barley for human consumption when Eymundur Magnússon started organic farming in 1985. Together with his wife, Eygló Björk Ólafsdóttir, they focus on further developing the farming of grains and vegetables in Iceland, and on producing products made from localingredients, most of which are produced on the farm.

Where we are 

Móðir Jörð  is situated on a farm called Vallanes in beautiful East Iceland, near a glacial lake, midway between Egilsstaðir and Hallormsstaður. This area is known for its forests and relatively mild climate. The fields around Vallanes have been shaped by the planting of over 1,000,000 trees, some of which make shelterbelts that protect the growing crops.

What we produce

Everything grown and/or produced in Vallanes is certified organic by the certification office TUN in Iceland. The product categories are the following:
▪ Barley – the barley is sold as whole grain (Bankabygg) in 1kg or 20kg, or as flour (Byggmjöl) in 1kg or 15kg. It is the main ingredient in Móðir Jörð’s vegetarian burgers. It is great to use instead of rice or oats in porridge, salads and soups. It can be used, for example, in a dish called Barley Otto, as a side dish in fish or meat dishes, or soaked or boiled as a whole grain for use in bread.
▪ Fresh, pre-packed vegetables (potatoes, parsley, beetroots, kale, turnips, carrots, lettuce, etc.).
▪ Vegetarian burgers – three varieties in frozen packs of 4 pcs each, or catering packs of 16 pcs and 42 pcs. All of the ingredients in these burgers are cooked and then frozen, requiring only minimal prep prior to eating.
Most of the ingredients of the burgers are produced by Móðir Jörð: the barley, kohlrabi, turnips, potatoes, parsley, beetroots and leeks. Other ingredients – chickpeas, lentils, olive oil, sesame seeds and spices – are all organic and sourced elsewhere.
▪ Sweet pickled vegetables or chutneys, Brilliant Beetroot, Golden Turnip and Fennel delight
▪ Jams, blueberry, black currant and rhubarb
▪ Lacto fermented vegetables
▪ Dried local herbs, teas
▪ Breakfast barley porridge, pancake mix and breadmix.
▪ Crispbread with barley and wholewheat, flavoured with Icelandic herbs such as angelica
▪ Rapeseed oil (under development)
▪ Massage oils made from local, Icelandic wild herbs: Oil of Life, Oil Betula and Oil Geranium, all in 100ml bottles.

Organic quality at 66°N

Research has shown that vegetables grown in cooler climates express a higher concentration of nutrition such as vitamins and minerals, than when grown under more favourable conditions. The slow, concentrated growth of the plants, grown organically, makes them full of flavour and energy.


Móðir Jörð is striving to promote healthy lifestyles and organic farming and food production in Iceland and beyond.

Visit us

Our organic shop is open in the summer from May to September from 9-18.00 Mondays – Saturdays.
We offer accomodation all year around in our B&B and sleeping bag accomodation. Our breakfast is local and made from our local ingredients


Tel: +354 471 1747 
Website: www.vallanes.is/