Hengifoss (N65°04.41-W14°52.84 start) // 2 hrs.

The top part of the trail to Hengifoss can be affected due to spring conditions.
The shorter hike up to beautiful Litlanesfoss is open and a little bit further up.

Hengifoss is one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland and one of the most known landmarks in East Iceland.
The waterfall is 128 meters high and starts in Hengifossár lake. Hengifoss is particularly picturesque and there are visible layers between numerous Tertiary lava strata that yield a reddish color in the cliffs around the waterfall.
Moreover, underway towards Hengifoss there is another waterfall named Litlanesfoss which presents impressive stands of basalt columns on both sides of the gorge. The hike up to Hengifoss is rated 2-3 in difficulty.
You can walk along either side of the river but the most popular trail is from the parking lot.

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