3.2.Stórurð (“The Giant Boulders”)


Stórurð is one of Iceland’s greatest natural wonders. Stórurð lies below the small glacier west of Dyrfjöll mountain. It was formed by giant rocks that the glacier broke from the mountain and carried a long way in the last ice age, or 10.000 years ago. This formed the gap or the “door” in the mountain that gives it the distinctive characteristics. Stórurð consists of gigantic tuff boulders, charming meadows, and enchanting ponds with blue green water. This wonderful scene can be reached in 2.5 hours on foot from Vatnsskarð pass. To enjoy Dyrfjöll and Stórurð a whole day plan is highly recommended.
Hikers start from the facilities cabin in Vatnsskarð on the route to Borgarfjörður eystri. The best time of year to hike to Stórurð is from the middle of July to the middle of September.

A five to six hours walk.

Hikers can start from the little facilities cabin (restrooms) in Vatnsskarð 1. Route 1 – (65°33,71-13°59,56) (431 m) and from there get a great view of Hérað. The first slope is steep but from then on the walk is comfortable. One walks west of Súlur montain to crossroads 2. (65°31,10- 13°59,36) – Route 2 – south of Mjóadalsvarp where one gets a great view of the spectacular landscape of Stórurð below. A downhill slope of about a hundred meters leads down and into to the actual Stórurð.  When you are almost down, and right along the trail, you will find the cylinder with visitors’ log book and stamp. Hikers are advised to go by the staked trail. A few different trails lead back from Stórurð. You can walk the trail by Rjúpnafell towards the parking area on Vatnsskarðsvegur (65°33,71-13°59,56) – its a Route 3, which is a circular route of 15 km or a five to six hours walk. Or you can go by a recently staked trail south of Mjóadalsvarp 3. (65°33,71-13°59,56) – Route 4 (starts at the same place like Route nr.1 ), hike through Mjóidalur and Hengifossmýrar to the road in Njarðvík 4. (65°33,05-13°58,24). This route is about four and a half hours walk. Two trails lead from Stórurð to Borgarfjörður eystra; to Brandbalarétt in the vicinity of Bakkagerði or down to Hólaland which is further inland and closer to the farmlands.




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