Stapavik (N65°36.17-W13°57.97) //  2-3 hrs

Stapavík is an inlet once used as a harbour. From the farm Unaós, which is the most eastern point in Hjaltastaðaþinghá, there is a beautiful trail along the river Selfljót and down the the sea. Along the way you will pass the ruins of a hut for 15th-century fishermen and of a shelter for pasturing sheep. More ruins await above the banks at the mouth of the river, where an official trading harbour was located from 1920 and onwards.

Hikers leave from a small parking area near the driveway leading to the farm Unaós and walk along the river Selfljót. An ideal stop would be by Krosshöfði landing which in 1902 was made an official trading harbour. You will find the cylinder with visitors’ logbook and stamp by the old winch in Stapavík. Merchandise was shipped to Stapavík until the nineteen thirties. An old trail lies from Krosshöfði through Gönguskarð to Njarðvík

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