Mulakollur (N65°01.624-W14°38.049) // 3 hrs.
Múlakollur is one of Egilsstaðir’s Pearls, which refers to 30 stunning hiking trails in the region surrounding Egilsstaðir. Þingmúli divides Skriðdalurinto Norðurdalur and Suðurdalur. The farm at Þingmúli was a place of gathering for the Thing in Eastern Iceland for centuries. The northernmost part of the mountain is called Múlakollur.
Quite often hikers choose to ascend by the ridge (400 m). When you reach Múlakollur’s top it is pleasant to walk onwards and along the top and descend on the east side a bit south of the abandoned farmMúlastekkur. One can also ascend by walking up from Múlastekkur.

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