Magnahellir (N64°99.252-W15°71.683) // 0.5 hrs.

Magnahellir is one of the 30 Pearls of Egilsstaðir region and refers to some of the most stunning hikes of the area. 

To reach this magnificent canyon, drive north of Kárahnjúkastífla reservoir until you come to the crossroads by Laugavellir (fit for 4×4 SUV’s). Drive down to a parking area by Dimmugljúfur canyons. 

The impressive canyon stretches about seven to eight kilometers from the northern part of Vatnajökull icecap towards the valley Jökuldalur (Glacier Valley). With its 200 meter high walls and only about hundred to hundred and fifty meters width they seem narrow and intimidating as everything is dark and steep. It is believed that the river Jökulsá á Dal, which was the second most powerful river in Iceland, dug the canyon over millions of years through the palagonite layer and formed the canyon. On the parking, you will find a sign containing information and the starting point of the trail running through the canyon and to Magnahellir cave, which lies in about 1,5 km. distance. A farmer named Magni from the farm Eiríksstaðir was the first one to keep his sheep there in winter. Inside the cave, you will find the cylinder with the visitors’ log and stamp.

See brochure with map here.