Kóreksstaðavígi (N65°32.782-W14°10.591) // 20 min

Kóreksstaðavígi is one of the 30 Pearls of Egilsstaðir region and refers to some of the most stunning hikes of the area.
Two abandoned farms, Kóreksstaðagerði and Kóreksstaðirwere built on this beautiful spot where this stunnig rock of basalt columns can be found. The first farm was abandoned in 1950 and the latter in 1982. From here one has a spectacular view of the mountains to the east. The river that runs between the 2 farms, Gerðisá, has also more of the stunning basalt columns.
The Viking Kórekur is said to have fought his enemies to his death on top of the rock, Kóreksstaðavígi, and was buried at the site.
To get to Kóreksstaðavígi, one drives past Hjaltalundur and takes the road towards the farm Kóreksstaðir. At the gate you will find a sign leading you the way.
Walk on towards the Kóreksstaðavígi where you will find a cylinder with the visitors’ log and stamp. Standing on its top is an enjoyable experiencewith wonderful view.
See brochure with map here.