Fagrakinn (N65°30.03 – W15°28.80)

Fagrakinn was built in 1848 in accordance with the views of Möðrudalur farmers, who considered the land to be part of their estate. The settlers were Guðríður, a daughter of Vigfús, whose family came from Stöðvarfjörður; and Jón, a son of Ólafur in the Vellir area of Fljótsdalshérað. At an altitude of 420 m, Fagrakinn was the most northerly of the highland community farms. The distance from Fagrakinn to Brunahvammur was just over 3 km. Fagrakinn was abandoned permanently in the spring of 1886, mainly due to erosion of the once grassy place where the farm buildings stood. The site is close to Highway 85 , south of Hölkná river. There is a parking lot next to the river with a sign for Fagrakinn, from where you should head from approx. 1,25 km.