Desjamýri (N65°36.79-W15°20.83)

At an elevation of 429 m and with a pleasant view of grassy wetlands and the mountains, Desjamýri stands on a hill on the seaward side of Arnarvatn lake, next to Desjamýrarlækur brook. This farm was established by Matthildur Sigurðardóttir from Grímsstaðir and her husband Eymundur Arngrímsson from Hauksstaðir, who also served as a sexton. It is possible to walk to Desjamýri from the Arnarvatn dam, but good footwear is a must due to marshes. Alternatively, one can walk up from Hauksstaðir and head inland to Desjamýri. While the latter route is much more difficult, it also offers the opportunity of climbing up Þverfell mountain to enjoy the panorama. The route on the north side of Þverfell used to be part of the main trail from Möðrudalur down to Vopnafjörður. Desjamýri was deserted in 1880.