Time never stands still in Egilsstaðir. Every month of the year is packed with different activities and we have something in store for all of you.

Our very own Villa Park

Here in Egilsstaðir, we are a bunch of active people who like to move all year around. In winter time, we meet for indoor activities at the sports hall or for a dip in our outdoor geothermal-heated swimming pool. When spring arriveswe hurry outside to our local parks and sport fields for activities and events.

At the center of town, the charming Vilhjálmsvöllur park (Villa Park) hosts a number of sport events each year. The park is named after one of our locallegends, Vilhjálmur Einarsson, a triple jump silver medalist from the 1956 Summer Olympics, who lived in Egilsstaðir. At Vilhjálmsvöllur, you will find a large field for track running, soccer and other field sports. It is also home toHöttur, our local sports club and the annual „Neighborhood games“ which is a part of Ormsteiti – a ten day town festival with events spreading all over the Fljótsdalshérað area.

Besides Villa Park, we have a local golf course, a shooting range, several horse riding courses, a motorbike zone, and sport arenas with a wide rangeof sport activities. Every year in October we participate in the European Move Week, where Egilsstaðir has been awarded for its strong communityand active inclusion of both young and old.
Last but not least, we use what nature provides in abundance: kilometers of walking tracks through forest and lake landscapes, rocky hills to climb and other adventures awaiting just outside our door stop through all seasons.

Culture centre

Looking for new inspiration and quality entertainment? Meet us at the slaughterhouse!
The former slaughterhouse has been converted into an active cultural center booming with interesting events. The calendar is busy with movie festivals,art exhibitions, concerts, dance performances and experimental theatre. The slaughterhouse also host workshops and ateliers used by local artists who will be happy to share their practice and art works with you.
Another cultural gem is Valaskjálf, home to the local theatre club and a venue for bigger concerts and local dances. Valaskjálf is located opposite the street from the sports field Vilhjálmsvöllur.
Cultural life is also steaming in the outskirts of our municipality where you will find community centers in every individual district. A highlight of the year is the renowned Þorrablót festivals taking place in the Old Norse month,Þorri (parts of January and February). If you are around at that time of year, make sure to book your tickets and join for an event never to be forgotten. Make sure to arrive on an empty stomach as the traditional Icelandic cuisine including sheep heads, cured meats and rotten shark is served and enjoyed with another favorite, our famous liquor brennivin.
No matter whether you are into sports, culture and arts or a little bit of everything, Egilsstaðir is a place not to be missed. There is so much to be enjoyed and we are more than willing to share. Our home is your home.