Plunge into Iceland’s purest hot spring water, bath in floating pools out on the lake.
Vök Baths is a new destination opened in summer 2019 by lake Urriðavatn, just northwest from Egilsstaðir, in Eastern Iceland. It features the first floating pools in Iceland.

Located in Eastern Iceland, still one of the most untouched places on the island, Vök Baths offer a new bathing experience and the perfect stop for travellers to rest and rejuvenate by the crystal clear waters of Urriðavatn lake along their journeys.

The 75-degrees warm water streams from hot springs deep under the lake. Years ago, during the long arctic winters, the locals noticed that the lake ice always melted in the same place. The name, Vök, is the Icelandic word for these melted ice holes.

At Vök Baths, the spring water is directed to a series floating pools on the lake, as well as hot pools on the lakeshore. Vök Baths l also features cold tunnels and a sauna on the lake shores, and a cafe serving local cuisine made from organic ingredients sourced from nearby producers. Tisanes are brewed from the pure spring water, the only certified drinkable hot spring water in Iceland.

A collaboration between the Reykjavik-based Basalt Architects and Design Group Italia, the architecture and design of Vök Baths celebrate and respect the pure water of Urriðavatn lake, the surrounding nature and the age-old Icelandic bathing traditions.

The building fits seamlessly with its surroundings, allowing the guests to immerse in the nature. The high point of the experience are the floating pools, allowing for a soak in the hot water, within and surrounded by the lake.
„We wanted to create an unforgettable experience for our guests where they can explore the unique and spectacular nature of the lake as well as the purest hot water in Iceland”, says managing director Heiður Vigfúsdóttir of Vök Baths.

Opening hours:

Please check our website for updated opening hours and prices

Fall, winter, and spring

Vök Baths

September 16th – June 14th
From 12-22

Vök Bistro

September 11th – June 14th
Open Friday – Sunday from 12:00 – 22:00

*The kitchen closes at 21:00.

The bistro is closed Mondays – Thursdays but soups and premium platters are served at all times.


Vök Baths 

June 15th – September 15th
From 10-23

Vök Bistro

June 15th – September 10th
From 12-22*

*The kitchen closes at 21:00.

Guests can stay in the pools until 15 minutes before the closing time of the baths. 

Admission includes:

  • A tisane brewed from the hot spring water and locally sourced herbs at the infusion bar.

Adults – ISK 6.490
Senior – ISK 4.690
Disabled – ISK 4.690
Students – ISK 4.690
Children (age: 6-16) – ISK 3.090
Children (age: 0-5) – Free of charge*



Services :
Floating pools, pools, sauna, cold tunnels, shower area Total 200 locker rooms
Rental of swimming costumes and towels 800 ISK each

Our café will serve tisanes, soups, hot dishes and cakes made with organic ingredients from local producers. Tisane bar will offer hot drinks brewed with the water from the hot springs.

Additional info

For additional information, kindly contact managing director Heiður Vigfúsdóttir at or marketing department at


Additional information:

Adress: Lake Urriðavatn, Route 925 Hróarstunguvegur, 701 Egilsstaðir

Phone: +354 470 95 00