Húsey is 55 km north of Egilsstaðir and located between the rivers, Jökulsá á Dal (Brú) and Lagarfljót. A hike on to the plains out of the Húsey farm, out by Héraðsflói bay offers a splendid view of the surrounding mountains and opportunities for exploring untouched nature, unique bird life andseals.

Drive through the blue gate marked Húsey, continue along the gravel road till you see a gate on your left and a sign with pictures of the birds you may find on your hike. Park here, off the road (more parking spaces by the hostel a little further on).
The tracks for both distances start here and are marked with wooden posts and many bird information signs. Follow the track till you reach the Jökulsá, where you turn right and walk down along the river bank. You will reach the point where the Lagarfljót meets the Jökulsá and get to a picnic table and the cylinder with the visitors’ log and stamp.
For the 6 km walk you take the track back towards the farm.
For the 14 km walk you continue walking along the banks of the Lagarfljótand follow the markers which eventually take you along a dike back towards the farm.


An easy walk of about two hours, the shorter circle.

Walk on to the plains out of the Húsey farm, out by Héraðsflói bay. One can choose between two distances to hike a six km or a fourteen km hike. There are a lot of birds to watch in the area and also seals. It is convenient to start from a walled horse shelter by the road (N65° 38.322-W14°18.097). Walk towards the river Jökulsá, through a gate and walk along the banks until you get to the cylinder with the visitors’ log and stamp. It is close to the sea, ca. 3 km from the farm. Then walk on towards the farmhouse along the trail and the circle is closed.

Horse riding at Húsey

Ever wanted to see a seal, have a close encounter with a red-throated diver, get attacked by the great Skua – if so – a horse riding tour at Húsey is just the thing for you, beginner or experienced.  Daily departures at 10.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs – don’t forget to book! Also on offer longer tours of 4 hours, 2 days or the “Holiday with the Icelandic Horse” which includes anything from 5 days accommodation. 


Additional information

Tel: +354 471 3010 or +354 694 3010
Website: www.huseyfarm.is
Email: husey@simnet.is
GPS Coordinates: 65° 37' 55.9'' N, 14° 16' 36.2'' W