Bike rental at Egilsstaðastofa
by Egilsstaðir camping site.

Do you want to take a stroll around town or even bike to Hallormsstaður?
Many paths accessible for biking in Egilsstaðir region.
Ask staff for a map when renting the bike.

Fun fact:
The cycle contest Tour De Ormurinn is in August every year. They cyglearound the lake Lagarfljót, beautiful and fund 68 km rout.

Vallanes – Organic farm 15 km from Egilsstaðir
Bókakaffi – Book caffé 3,1 km from Camp Egilsstaðir

Price list
1 klst. 900 ISK
Half a day or 4 hrs. 2.000 ISK
24 hrs. 3.000 ISK
Two bikes for 24 hrs. 4.500 ISK