In Hallormsstaðaskógur lies the inlet of Atlavík, beautifully situated on the shores of Lagarfljótriver. There used to be a popular camping area. As it has no electricity, most of the campers nowadays choose the newer and more modern camping in Höfðavík which leaves this area more serene.Like other areas in the Hallormsstaður woodland, the inlet provides the shelter of trees, as well as a comparatively continental climate at the south end of the lake, far away from oceanic conditions. In Hallormsstaðaskógurforest there are numerous great hiking trails. They are all family friendly and easy to locate. Maps of the forest can be found at the beginning of each hiking trail or at the Camping in Egilsstaðir.

Hallormsstaður National Forest

Camping & hiking in the forest

Hallormsstaður National Forest is cosidered to be Iceland´s lagest forest. The forest covers an area of 740 hectares most of which is native birch. The forest is a popular recreational area featuring marked hiking trails and an arboretum with over 80 tree species.

There are two camping areas in the forest: Atlavík which is located in a picturesque cover surrounded by birch woods and Höfðavík that provides a higher level of service for campers.

GPS N65 05.369 W14 46.035