Hús Handanna

The Hús Handanna Shop is to find at the most trafficated crossroads in Eastern Iceland and in the heart og Egilsstadir town.
The shop was established in 2010 and from the first day the main focus has been on representing Icelandic / East-Icelandic goods founded on our culture and our lifestyle.
The Hús Handanna Shop is an environmentally friendly and an artistic life-style-shop, offering a wide variety og Icelandic product design, art crafts, clothing design, art creative writing etc.
Our special emphasis is on offering goods that benefit our environment and ourselves. We even have some gourmet specialities from the local community.
At the House Handanna Shop among other items you will find shampoo in a travel kit, waxed napkins for the sandwiches, warm stockings – or even a good book.
And of course your own personal souvenier from your travel.

You are always welcome !




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Hús Handanna 700 Egilsstadir

Art& design

+45 471 2433+ 45 899 4373

Miðvangi 1 -3  700 Egilsstöðum