Rauðshaugur (N65°12.77-W14°23.01) // 3 – 4 hrs.
Rauðshaugur is one of Egilsstaðir’s Pearls, which refers to 30 stunning hiking trails in the region surrounding Egilsstaðir. Rauðshaugur is a rock or a hill protruding from the farm Höfði and is visible from a far from many places in the regions. From the top one has a stunning view of the region.
According to the Sagas, it is the burial mound of farmer Rauður from Ketilsstaðir. Legends has it that Rauður was buried with all his belonginsand fortune.
Legend has it that some people tried to dig out his wealth. They all gave up because they all had the vision of the farm Ketilsstaðir burning.
There is a sign at the beginning of the hiking trail on Fagridalur road. (N65°14 -W14°21.156)

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