Hnjúksvatn (N65°14.333-W15°15.887) // 3 hrs.

Hnjúksvatn is one of the 30 Pearls of Egilsstaðir region and refers to some of the most stunning hikes of the area. 

It is a lake on the heath across from Merki farm. The plateau on which the lake is located, is characterized by rounded cliffs and moors. To reach the lake, you should follow a trail along the Hnjúksá river. There you will find a hut, Binnubúð. Near the hut you will find the cylinder with the visitors’ log and stamp. Brynhildur Stefánsdóttir, a midwife from a farm in the area, had it built in 1983 for those who wished to visit and enjoy the highlands. Brynhildur loved the heath and the outdoors. She used to catch in this lake when she was young. She went across the river with a cable car with her nets and then carried the fish home the same way. After she became a midwife, she travelled the heath back and forth to deliver babies, in summer on foot, in winter on skis. Brynhildur passed only a few months after the hut was built so she unfortunately never had the chance to use it herself.  

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