Heiðarendi (N65°23.085-W14°33.819) // 2-3 hrs

Heiðarendi is one of the 30 Pearls of Egilsstaðir region and refers to some of the most stunning hikes of the area. 

Heiðarendi means “The End of the Fljótsdalur Heath”. It is a lovely walk in the higlands. Drive up to and above Heiðarsel farm and turn to left before you come to the farm Nátthagi. Walk from a sign by the old road above the farm. 
Walk up to the top and further on to the right where you get to the cylinder with the visitors’ log and stamp. It is pleasant to walk on from Heiðarendi descend and walk back by the old gravel road.

See brochure with map here.