Eiriksstadahneflar (N65°08.617-W15°28.195) //  5-6 hrs.

Eiríksstaðahneflar is one of the 30 Pearls of Egilsstaðir region and refers to some of the most stunning hikes of the area. 

On this hike you will get two for one as actually the mountains are two. This hike starts from the river Þverá south of Eiríksstaðir farm.  The first mountain is Fremri Hnefill (947 m) and there you will find the cylinder with the visitors’ log and stamp. From there one can cross over to the top of Ytri Hnefill (922m) and down to Eiríksstaðir farm. It is also nice to walk over to the ruins of the farm Hneflasel which was abandoned in 1875 and between the two mountains on the way back.

See brochure with map here.