Bjargselsbotnar (N65°05.465-W14°43.031) // 3 hrs.
Bjargselsbotnar is one of Egilsstaðir’s Pearls, which refers to 30 stunning hiking trails in the region surrounding Egilsstaðir. Walk from the Hússtjórnarskóli schoolhouse in the woodlands of Hallormsstaður and follow a light green marked trail that passes through an area where half the mountain slid forward some 10.000 years ago. The trail lies across the remnants of this huge collapse or earth fall and the upper part of it is now known as The Hills. 
You’ll ascend up to Bjargselsbotnar, inwards to Bjarg and Þverbjarg to Illaskriða or The Cruel Landslide. From there you follow the trail to the Leirtjarnarhryggur ridge.
There you can find a cylinder with visitors’ log and a stamp.

See brochure with map here.