Fljótsdalshérað Touring Club, the municipality of Fljótsdalshérað and Kaupvangur -Cultural Center in Vopnafjörður joined forces and made a special effort to promote travelling in the highlands, such as Jökuldalsheiði heath and other similar surrounding areas.

An agreement was made to focus on the way of life, social interactions and culture of the people that used to live up there, often isolated from other farms for long periods of time. At each individual farmsite is a box with information about the farm you are visiting, the people who used to live there, with tales and stories about them, a guestbook to sign and a stamp.

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Here below are listed the names and locations of the farms on the Jökuldalsheiði heath:

1. Sænautasel (N65°15.72-W15°31.24)
2. Rangalón (N65°17.64-W15°31.26)
3. Grunnavatn (N65°13.52-W15°34.08)
4. Netsel (N65°12.68-W15°32.16)
5. Heiðarsel (N65°10.71-W15°33.51)
6. Hneflasel (N65°10.19-W15°30.46)
7. Háls (N65°11.48-W15°25.30)
8. Veturhús (N65°13.85-W15°27.72)
9. Víðihólar (N65°14.09-W15°22.56)
10. Ármótasel (N65°17.94-W15°17.38)
11. Hlíðarendi (N65°19.24-W15°23.52)
12. Lindarsel (N65°22.20-W15°25.80)
13. Háreksstaðir (N65°24.28-W15°25.35)
14. Gestreiðarstaðir (N65°24.70-W15°30.18)
15. Hólmavatn (N65°27.728-W15°22.099)
16. Melur (N65°28.24-W15°26.95)
17. Fagrakinn (N65°30.03-W15°28.80)
18 Brunahvammur (N65°n31.62-W15°25.89)
19. Foss (N65°33.78-W15°16.44)
20. Kálffell (N65°35.26-W15°20.94)
21. Arnarvatn/Skálamór (N65°35.29-W15°24.05)
22. Desjamýri (N65°36.796-W15°20.827)